Dance to NYC is a new artist exchange program consisting of two curriculums to cater to both professional and amateur dancers.

Our goal is to provide professional dancers with repertory-based classes and a unique high-quality training experience as well as offer amateur dancers the opportunity to work with top artists in a professional and inclusive atmosphere. In our large Upper West Side location, we are fortunate enough to be able to host our two programs side-by-side.

The Professional Program is repertory-based and includes a schedule of classes and workshops based on some of today's most sought-after techniques taught by a team of highly-qualified artists.

This program has been designed to give selected dancers a chance to dive into professional dance repertory. Our aim is to provide artists with an intensive program that will help them improve their movement vocabulary. The Professional Program is repertory-based and in addition to technique classes, dancers will participate in workshops based on the techniques and repertory from some of today’s top choreographers. This program would be a fantastic supplement to any dancer's training.
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The People Program is for people of all ages, levels and body types who want to enjoy high-quality classes in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

This program is for dancers and dance-lovers, who want to enjoy professional classes taught by top professionals. The People Program is not only for individuals, but also for dance studios who would like to offer their students a unique dance journey to supplement their usual training. Technique classes with some of today's most renowned artists--join us for a dance experience you will not forget!
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